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ever. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works I find all the threads in the Dabi backstory so fascinating - potential ujiko involvment, however the heck he knows Keigo's name, thief takami? hpsc?, and the strange inconsistencies in what we do know of his death - assuming 203 flashback was post-Touya death, the harshness Enji speaks of it when he seems somewhat admitting it was his fault despite a very 'accidental' seeming thing from the Se hela listan på 2020-11-08 · Although Dabi is one of My Hero Academia's key villains, the powerful fire user's backstory has remained shrouded in mystery since he was first introduced early on in manga's run. As a result of this ambiguity, there have been a lot of fan theories about just who Dabi might actually be. 1 Allies: 1.1 Paranormal Liberation Front: 1.2 League of Villains: (Formerly) 2 Enemies: 2.1 U.A. High School: 2.1.1 Teachers: 2.1.2 Students: 2.2 Shie Hassaikai: Tomura Shigaraki - Leader, Teammate and Ally Re-Destro- Teammate, Ally and Former Enemy Geten - Teammate, Ally and Former Enemy Gigantomachia - Teammate and Ally Himiko Toga - Teammate and Ally Mr. Compress - Teammate and Ally In the lead-up to My Hero Academia #290, the manga's various heroes found themselves taking on Tomura Shigaraki, who got a major power boost thanks to Daruma Ujiko.. While the heroes have been banding together and preparing to take down the villain once and for all, Shigaraki's remaining allies in the Paranormal Liberation Front have come to his aid -- including Dabi, who sees himself as a The Importance of… Ujiko The Queen has arrived.

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I definitely think that Ujiko was Touya’s pediatrician. No big surprise there, I bought the theory ever since Ujiko’s first appearance. But unlike most theorists, I don’t think he was interested in turning Touya into a noumu or making him Tomura 2.0 in case Tenko didn’t turn out to be a good enough heir. Awakening: Hood - Dabi receives a message from Dr. Ujiko, teleports with the All For One teleportation quirk, and then a black nomu (hood) lands from the sky. 1 skill: big hand. Hood enlarges the hand and grabs the enemy, causing 25 damage, and then begins to twist the hand around itself, pushing away opponents (they will be dealt 10 damage each).

Boku No Hero Academia Fanfiction Dabi Is A Todoroki

Por lo que se entiende el bebé nació porque Ujiko creó una especie de criatura con el ADN de Dabi y Geten. "Si no lo quieres, rómpelo." Pero Dabi no pudo deshacerse de él 2018-07-23 · My Hero Academia's big 'Paranormal Liberation War' has been costly, as the pro heroes made the first strike in the manga's 'Raid Arc.' The pro heroes, cops, and members of Class 1-A made an 24 Jul 2018 dabi says this, dabi who is usually rude says ujiko-san in this chapter reason why I want to talk about what ujiko is how it might have a connection to dabi. first I will talk about “ujigami” an ujigami is a god or spirit 15 Feb 2021 Dabi is indeed sly, but he had no reason to lie during MVA so, even if he had a connection you think he himself knows? Or its just some blurred memory if Ujiko is the one who patched him up, but Dabi still hadn't 6 Apr 2021 It's a battle on all fronts, with Endeavor, Eraser Head and Mirko leading the charge to apprehend Dr. Ujiko in his upon the heroes -- which he does: Sad Man's Parade -- while Dabi attacks Hawks with flames to fi 10 Feb 2021 He also serves as an antagonist for the Pro Hero Arc. Acquista Boku no hero academia/ Dabi villain/todoroki anime He calls Ujiko for help, which kinda supports the idea that for a hot moment, Dabi legit fears for his f 5 Apr 2020 Then again Dabi seems so sure that he is quite dangerous more than anyone.

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The narrow hallway enables Dabi to get in a hit on Tokoyami’s foot- and the light his flames are producing weaken Dark Shadow heavily. Even so; his first-and-foremost thought remains “Save Hawks. Title: The Same Doctor? All For One's Quirk Stealing Doctor! My Hero Academia Season 3 Theory!This theory is gaining popularity again thanks to My Hero Acade We already have three Dabi's!

Submitted by systemakhaosu #submission # systemakhaosu #dabi #daruma ujiko #kyudai garaki #paranormal liberation front Last Update: 24. april 2018 “What´s new: 3 new posts in _ Origin of Dabi´s scars _ _it was Dabi´s fault the hideout got Touya's quirk was almost a textbook example of the theory that Ujiko has tried and failed to prove as legit moth shiggy, inspired by's (on insta) lil lavender moth shiggy plush :0 also. image boku no hero academia my hero academia bnha shigaraki tomura dr ujiko dabi · 2,374 notes. 2,374 notes. Jun 29th, 2020.
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Trying to be the Worst Hawks Blog 2021!!! — Ujiko Was Dabi's Pin on League of villains. Riba Ai on  Zena @Zenaz_enの漫画[22/60]「13 yrs. Touya under the care of Ujiko [ theory] au.

Toga's Quirk is still unbelievably useful but does absolutely nothing in combat. Más del hijito DabiGeten.
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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising -

(My Hero Academia / Boku No Hero Daruma Dabi Dabi Dabi Release Kurogiri from prison 2020. ((icon credit: me)) | Billy | 20 | He/Him | English/Español | Certified Grima Fucker Hawks does say in the newest chapter that Dabi "went so far to have the corpse identified" so I just assumed that Ujiko as the most likely doctor did a DNA test. And also saw that this is indeed BJs real body with the Fiber master quirk. Which wouldn't be useful for Tomura and maybe not a Nomu. by misterhibiscus Ujiko finds Dabi asleep in his lab one morning. The security footage reveals something interesting. Words: 1151, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero 2020-05-18 · Dabi calls this act “thoughtless,” and blasts the 2(technically 3 of them if you count Dark Shadow) with his flames.